About Us

Tanishq Life care is an innovative national pharmaceutical company based at Ahmedabad established in the year 1999. It develops & markets innovative drugs for unmet medical needs with a latest new molecules. We have full-fledged Product Range that beats out the competition and give a wider choice to select various new molecules. "Tanishq is committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals to develop therapeutic management plans to improve their practice"

The company’s management team is highly accomplished in pharmaceuticals industry & plans to continue its growth through a focused business development strategy.

TANISHQ has always shown a strong commitment to "Innovation and high Quality in Branded medicines" which the traditional healthcare is proliferating and extending its reach to every possible segment of pharmaceutical industry. It has come a long way from just 8 products in the year 1999 to the ever expanding range of more than 200 products in segment. TANISHQ takes great efforts to achieve the four Industrial excellences Technology, Quality, Management & Efficiency

Corporate Goal


»To lead and establish “TANISHQ” in the international market by providing cost effective innovative products.


» To reach every corner of India with high quality product range through power packed Direct Market & Franchisee Market.


» Core Organizational Culture ,high degree of transparency, high qualified team who direct their way to success by implementing innovative ,long terms strategies which helps company to identify and meet corporate governance, growth including core focus area of unmet medical needs.

Working Attitude

"People, Process & Productivity" - a path of success. We at TANISHQ LIFE CARE always believe in customer – centric approach and every decision and action is filtered down.

Our thinking and implementation style is much evident in the management processes at Tanishq Life care. An open culture, participative management practices, innovation, continuous improvement, speedy response, empowerment of individuals and enjoyment of one's job and contribution to the community – is the unique process at Tanishq Life care

We believe in offering the best and innovative healthcare solutions for the Indian community, so we work with partners who complement our existing skills, enhance our internal innovation and bring extra value to what we do.

By sharing ideas and exchanging information, we can enhance our creativity and effectiveness. We like to engage with doctors, patients and other stakeholders, so we're in a better position to understand their needs and the issues they face.

We also have a close relationship with governments and healthcare organizations to ensure our products represent value for money.

"Teamwork is at the heart of what we do"

We intend to continue this approach to help achieve our goal of better health for patients.